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Mansell Raceway in Devon is the most southerly track on the calendar, set in a rural location next to Dunkeswell airfield

The track has enjoyed a long association with 1992 Formula One Champion and Indy Car World Champion Nigel Mansell CBE and his two sons, Leo and Greg.

The circuit features technical corners and long straights, with plenty of opportunities for overtaking. It hosts the Rotax Championships in June.


  • Catering on race weekends

Track record: 41.546s

The circuit
Track length 1032 metres
Pole Right

Mansell Raceway
The Airfield
Dunkeswell Aerodrome
EX14 4AH

IAME Round 3 – Mansell track

Classes competing at this event

Championships feature a number of different classes based on driver age and kart specification. Each class has its own races within the meeting.

Official Noticeboard

Timekeeping Certificate - Thursday 17th September, 14:28pm

Timekeeping Certificate - Thursday 17th September, 14:28pm

Engine Running Guidance - Saturday 26th September, 6:57am

Event Bulletin 01 - Mansell Raceway - Saturday 26th September, 6:58am

Event Bulletin 02 - Mansell Raceway - Saturday 26th September, 6:59am

Event Bulletin 03 - Mansell Raceway - Saturday 26th September, 7:00am

Event Bulletin 04 - Mansell Raceway - Saturday 26th September, 9:44am

Fire Extinguisher Cert - Saturday 26th September, 9:45am

Scales Cert - Saturday 26th September, 9:46am

Track Licence Page 1 - Saturday 26th September, 9:47am

Track Licence Page 2 - Saturday 26th September, 9:48am

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