A new era for karting in the UK will begin when the Wera Tools British O Plate Championship for Honda and Rotax classes becomes the inaugural event to adopt the new Vega cadet tyres. This pivotal move comes ahead of Vega becoming the exclusive tyre supplier for the cadet category for the next two years. 

The selection of the new Vega tyres follows a comprehensive testing programme, where the product was tested to ensure that the high standards expected by competitors in the ultra-competitive cadet class arena. The decision has been met with enthusiasm from teams, drivers, and competitors alike, who have expressed their support for the change.  

Feedback from early testing phases has been overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the tyres’ consistent performance across various conditions. This development marks the beginning of a new era for Vega in the karting in the UK , promising not only enhanced performance on the track but also significant support for drivers. 

Motorsport UK in conjunction with Vega is set to roll out a substantial support package for drivers competing in club races, with details to be announced in the forthcoming weeks. This initiative is expected to support drivers at all levels of ability the grassroots level, further enriching the Cadet karting community. 

The introduction of Vega cadet tyres at the Wera Tools British O Plate Championship signifies a significant milestone in the Motorsport UK Cadet classes timeline. More updates to follow on this exciting new partnership and the future benefits it will bring to cadet karting in the UK. 

In another significant update for the O plate event is the introduction of a sequence of corners at the end of the lap on the Whilton Mill track. Considering this, alongside the high number of drivers unable to secure entries for the pre-O plate round at Whilton Mill, we are offering additional testing opportunities on the new track layout. Drivers will have the option to book with the track and test on Tuesday and Wednesday before the official meeting, with official practice for the event commencing on Friday. 

Motorsport UK representatives will be on site during the test days. Additionally, they will also have a stock of the new Vega tyres for the event, which will be available for pre-order or purchase on the day. 

Dan Parker head of Karting at Motorsport UK commented “ 

“The dawn of a new chapter in UK karting unfolds with the Wera Tools British O Plate Championship’s adoption of Vega’s new cadet tyres. This strategic collaboration not only heralds Vega as the exclusive tyre supplier for the cadet category but also give the teams and drivers the opportunity to win the first major title in 2024 using Vega tyres. we anticipate a brighter future for cadet karting, enriched with opportunities for racers at all levels.” 

Andy Cox  Managing Director of Andy Cox Racing Ltd and Sole UK Vega tyre Importer. 

“ We are delighted and extremely proud to be supplying VEGA tyres to the Motorsport UK Cadet classes. The feedback from teams and drivers has been excellent in pre-season testing so far and we are looking forward to the British Championships and all other Championships and clubs that will be using VEGA. With our temperature-controlled tyre inventory and careful management of our VEGA Cadet tyres we will ensure clients and competitors have a consistent and constant supply, as well as fantastic performance from our VEGA Cadet tyres in any track condition”.   


Tyres will be available for purchase on the following link https://www.trakentries.co.uk/club/bkc-guest.asp and selecting event ‘Test Tyre Purchase’ Tyres will be available for purchase from 15th March at 5pm until 1.30pm on Thursday 21st March

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