Each week we are speaking to our 2019 Champions and ask them some all important questions to see what makes them tick.

Next up is 2019 X30 Mini Champion โ€“ Oliver Greenall

How did you get started in the sport?

It feels like so long ago now! I used to watch the Grand Prix every Saturday and Sunday with my dad form the age of 3. One day when I was 4, my dad took me to Rye House to watch a race and I said to him there and then thatโ€™s what I wanted to do. After than day I kept asking and asking to go karting, so for my 6th birthday my parents got me my first Bambino kart.

What was the highlight of your title winning year?

Its got to be winning both finals at Rowrah. Iโ€™d dominated the week before at Larkhall, finishing on track 1st both days only to be given a penalty in the Saturday Final. I was so determined to make it up and win both races at Rowrah, so when I did it felt amazing!

What was your low point last season?

Wigan was very disappointing as I was ill with the Flu. It was damage limitation and we managed two 4th places over the weekend. It wasnโ€™t too bad considering how I felt but we were obviously expecting a lot more after winning Kartmasters the weekend before.

Why do you enjoy competing in Karting and the BKC?

I just love it! The speed, the atmosphere but above all the racing. The British Kart Championship is what every English driver wants to win so to be in the running is a privilege and to finally being able to win it was very special.

Whatโ€™s your favourite circuit?

GYG but unfortunately it wasnโ€™t on the calendar last year. I like it because of its complex sections and hills. Itโ€™s a very technical track. Otherwise Rowrah because I just love the corners.

Who has been your toughest rival?

Both Luke Watts and Jessica Edgar were always there or thereabouts getting solid results throughout the season. They both had great pace making them tough challengers.

When we do get underway, what are your hopes for the new season?

Iโ€™m hoping to carry on what Iโ€™d started in February this year, racing in OK Junior with Energy Corse Racing in the European and World Championships. Iโ€™m also glad to announce a new partnership with Simumotion Performance. They will be helping me with all aspects of my racing going forward โ€“ simulator work, fitness, mindset, nutrition and everything I will need to perform at the top level. Iโ€™m also hoping to do some races in the UK with Fusion Motorsport in Junior X30 such as Kartmasters.

Due to the delayed start to the season what are you planning on doing with this unexpected time off from racing?

I will be spending a lot of time training and getting myself fully ready for when it all kicks off again. Not being able to be in the Kart for several months is far from ideal so physical training is going to be key.

We wish Oliver and everyone in the BKC well. Stay safe and look after each other. We will be back in action before you know it #StayOnTrack

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